"Indeed, to Allah we belong and to Allah we shall return."

Dealing with the death of a loved one is one of the greatest trials in a person's lifetime. However, the teachings of Islam on life and death are clear. We are all mortals and death is a gateway to the hereafter. Islam teaches us the methods by which we deal with the passing of our fellow human beings and rules by which we have to conduct the appropriate practices of prayer, preparation and burial. The Qur’an stresses the inevitability of death for all living things, emphasises the fleeting nature of this world, and underlines the need for Taqwa

In keeping with the tradition of burying the deceased as soon as possible, a Muslim burial takes place immediately after the funeral service.  We at WMWA aim to make this smoothly as possible.  As soon as you have learn't about the death of a family member, please contact us on 01905 20005.
Alternatively see a simple step by step guide below.

A 5-step guide to organising Muslim funeral

  • Step 1

    Contact the funeral service.

  • Step 2

    Contact WMWA representative

  • Step 3

    Get a Medical Certificate from the doctor

  • Step 4

    Register the
    death to the relevant authority

  • Step 5

    Wash the body and do the Janaza.


  • Step 6

    Take the body to the graveyard for burial.

  • Make plenty of Dua's for the desceased.

Guidelines for Using Masjid and/ or Mortuary for Ghusal of deceased and/ or Fatiha Khawani

The Worcester Muslim Welfare Association (WMWA) is set up to help and assist Muslims living in Worcestershire.  One of the facilities the WMWA offers is to provide a mortuary for washing and preparation of the deceased for burial - Ghusl of the dead body.It is important for you to know what you can expect from the WMWA and what the WMWA can expect from you, if you use these services.

What you can expect from the WMWA:

The WMWA will make sure to accommodate your needs depending on the circumstances, by enabling you to:

●  Use the mortuary
●  Use the ground floor rooms of the Education Centre and kitchen for ladies fatiha khawani and for serving food to guests.
● Use of the ground floor of the Masjid and kitchen for men's fatiha khawani and for serving food to guests.
●  Access the rooms at a mutually agreed time.
●  Arrange for the janaza prayer to be read.

What we expect from you:

If you use these services, the WMWA requests that you make sure that:

●  The mortuary is cleaned thoroughly after use.
●  The education centre is cleaned after use ie wudu area, kitchen, classrooms used for ladies' fatiha khawani.
●  The masjid downstairs floor and kitchen is cleaned after use.
●  Children do not disturb the classes taking place on the first floor of the education centre (if fatiha khawani takes place on a weekday).
●  All rubbish that is generated as a result of using the mortuary, kitchen, serving food to guests is taken off site and disposed of correctly.
●  You organise at least 2 people for car parking duties making sure that cars are parked properly on the masjid car park, education centre car park, as well as making sure the access road is not blocked.
●  To leave the Masjid and the education centre by 9pm at the latest.
●  Members of the WMWA who use the facilities make a donation towards the use of the Masjid and/or Education centre and/ or mortuary.
●  Non-members of the WMWA are to contribute at least £200-00 towards the cost of use of the rooms and facilities.
●  You take the Imam with you if you want him present at the cemetery - he will accompany you depending on the timings of namaz.