Download the WMWA  App 

Al-Ḥamdu lillāh, by the grace of Allah (SWT), we have the pleasure of launching our brand new smart phone app.  This is our commitment to keeping our worshippers and members informed about the daily activities at the masjid and news about the community as a whole.   We ask you to tell your friends and family about this app and help them to download it to their smart phones.



Below are the list of features available on the App

Push Notifications

Get the latest notifications about services available or coming soon.

Salah Timetable

Never miss a Salah and get the latest timings for Iqamah of salah at the masjid with daily notification and Azaan.

Donate Feature

Never miss a donation towards the Masjid with a quick and easy online donation feature.

Live Streaming

Listen live to the Jumah speech or any other programs at the Masjid. 

Latest Events

Never miss events or courses offered at the Masjid.  The app will have a list of all available events and courses.

Qibla Direction

Easy to use latest Qibla compass feature.