Who we are

The Worcester Muslim Welfare Association (WMWA) is a local charity based in Worcester, serving the local Muslim community since 1979. The members of the Muslim community worked hard to establish this association particularly for the provision of a place for worship. At present around 450 people can pray in the Mosque at Tallow Hill.

From small humble beginnings, WMWA is the largest Muslim organisation in Worcester and surrounding areas. We provide a range of holistic, culturally sensitive services for the community of Worcester, drawing on Islamic values and heritage, with a view to improving quality of life and enhancing community cohesion.

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Our Aims

- Focus on the needs of the diverse Muslim community whilst ensuring services are open to all.
 - Meet the needs of the local community by promoting health, education and employment opportunities.
- Provide Muslims and non-Muslims with the opportunity to learn and understand Islam, through dialogue, discussion and social interaction.
- Contribute to the social, cultural, spiritual and economic enhancement of the whole community, through policy and strategy development and service.

WMWA works actively to promote tolerance and understanding. Along with all the local mosques, we are a member of Muslim council of Britain (MCB) this binds together Muslims from different backgrounds and strands of Islam. We enjoy excellent interfaith relations - and the strength of these relationships has stood us all in good stead during the recent testing years. We regularly organise interfaith dialogue on religious tolerance with representation from all the major faiths where we also remember and pay respect to our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw).

Board of Trustees

Haris Saleem - President
Mohammed Iqbal - Secretary/Treasurer
Mohammed Akbar
Abdul Rauf
Ali Asghar
Mohammed Amin - Education
Nazaqat Hussain - Assistant Treasurer

Management Committee

Sarfraz Baig - Milaad Committee
Afzaal Iqbal - Education
Ghulam Shabbir - Education/Teacher
Ghulam Abbas - Assistant Treasurer
Hamaad Akmal - Unity House Manager
Sajid Hussain - Maintenance
Rizwan - Maintenance
Basharat Hussain - Masjid Affairs/Teacher


Mufti Muhammed Wali Raza - Imam
Khalil Jibran - Assistant Imam/Teacher
Muhammad Walele - Assistant Imam/Teacher
Shafiya Hussain - Administrator/PA to Secretary/Chairman


Khalil Jibran Saiyed
Muhammad Walele
Ghulam Shabbir
Farida Akhtar
Lubna Abbas
Sonia Baig
Hifza Kousar

Our Background

  • 1979

    1979  WMWA was incorporated and officially registered as a charity to fulfil the welfare and religious needs of the local community. 

  • 1970's & 1980's

    The masjid during the 1970’s was situated on Tallow hill, it was a detached house with a capacity of around 100 people.

  • 1988

    Purchased Hillborough House (part of the old hospital site) It was converted into masjid.  

  • 2008

    Purchased Unity house (day centre) from County Council for £600,000. This was purchased for the purpose of building new Masjid, including prayer hall and facilities for ladies.

  • 2017

    Purchased Stanley Road School Car park (former Oakfield PRU) from County Council for the sum of £275,000


  • 2018

    Instructed Architects for concept design and masterplan for the whole combined site. This Included New Relocated Masjid with capacity of 800+, New Community sports hall with Gym and other facilities, new accommodation block for Staff and private rental for self-sustainability.

  • 2018

    Planning application submitted and planning approval granted in December 2018. 

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